Coolest Homemade Cow Cake

Homemade Cow Cake

I made this Cow Cake for a lady’s 1 year old son. I loved making this, I had a great time. I also made the cow candle holder next to it. It’s made of fondant. The cake is made of rich choc mud.

Awesome Homemade 3D Dog Cake

Homemade Dog Cake

This Dog Cake was some work 5 days in the making and he turned out great. I cooked two 12 inch rounds and a Pyrex bowl cake as well. I cut all the leg shapes and added the feet made of fondant. The head is made from rice crispy treats. Thanks for looking.

Coolest Treasure Dragon Cake

Homemade Treasure Dragon Cake

This Treasure Dragon Cake was one of most favorite cakes I have made. I made this for my 7 year old son who loves dragons and his favorite color is blue. This is a dragon that protects his treasure. Every thing here is edible. The cake itself is made up of two different recipes, white … Read more