Coolest Snow White Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Snow White Doll Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Snow White party for her 4th birthday. This cake is 3 tiered. The bottom is a 12-inch round with an 8-inch round at the base of the ‘dress’ portion which I made using the Pampered Chef Original Mixing Bowl. By using these different sizes I was able to have 2 different … Read more

Coolest 3D Shark Cake

Homemade 3D Shark Cake

I had a request for a ‘3D’ shark cake for a cousin’s 4th birthday. This was made with the Wilton football and a regular 13×9 pan. The shark is 2 football cakes with strawberry filling. All the frosting is Wilton recipe buttercream (about 2 1/2 batches). The shark was decorated per the instructions on the … Read more

Cool Homemade Angry Bird Birthday Cake

Homemade Angry Bird Birthday Cake

This Angry Bird Birthday Cake is a 12″ round cake with red and white Wilton Recipe BC frosting. Eyes, eyebrows, beak, tail all made from edible frosting paper cut to shape using regular scissors. Writing on tray is yellow decorator gel. A lighter color background ~ such as sky blue, would’ve looked better to help … Read more