Coolest Hamburger Birthday Cake

Homemade Hamburger Birthday Cake

My daughter was bored with regular birthday cakes. I had the idea for a Hamburger Birthday Cake for a long time, but never tried it before. I looked online and found tips here; especially using fondant, (which I had never heard of). The “buns” are from a white cake mix. The bottom bun was baked … Read more

Coolest Pizza Birthday Cake

Homemade Pizza Birthday Cake

The Pizza Birthday Cake is a box cake I made in a pizza pan, (I extended the sides with tinfoil.) I cut off the domed part of the cake and left the edges a bit higher. I covered the crust with marshmallow fondant tinted with a little yellow, and wrapped it around the sides of … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Birthday Cake

Homemade Sandwich Birthday Cake

This is the Sandwich Birthday Cake I made for my husband’s 49th birthday. I baked white cake in square pans and cut out the shape of the bread. I rolled out white fondant on a plastic wrap covered towel to get a bumpy appearance for the bread. I colored fondant brown and rolled out and … Read more

Cool Homemade Gift Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Gift Box Birthday Cake

My daughter had a small turquoise ring box on her dresser that I decided to copy for her Gift Box Birthday Cake. I used square tinfoil cake pans and made two cake mixes, one strawberry and the other yellow. I used canned vanilla frosting between the layers and as a crumb coat. I made marshmallow … Read more