James Bond 006 6th Birthday Cake

James Bond 006 6th Birthday Cake

When movies come out my children change all previous planning for their birthdays. We had seen a cake similar to this, but had to create this from memory. This 006 birthday cake was pretty simple up until the “bomb”. I did do 3-8″ layers of white cake with chocolate filling to look more substantial  white butter cream with … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Cake

Coolest Minecraft Cake

You want what for your birthday? Sometimes this mom has trouble remembering which video game is currently “the bomb’. My son loves this game and so I did my best to recreate the “birthday cake” from Minecraft. In the game you need different materials for crafting items so I made this out of cake and … Read more

Cool Big Cats Birthday Cake

Cool Big Cats Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Lions, Tigers, and Snow leopards! However, I am not a fondant genius so I went with butter cream. I made two each of the tiers (6 inch, 10 inch, 14 inch) There is a cake plate between each layer and dowels supporting the middle and top layer. I have to admit I tried … Read more

Cool Mario Birthday Cake

Cool Mario Birthday Cake

My son decided his mom could do anything and showed me a very elaborate “Mario cake”. I did tell him it was his choice! The cake itself was fairly easy, 4-8 inch rounds frosted to look like the sky. The hardest part is crating the characters. Mario has toothpicks inside his arms to hold them where … Read more

Coolest Wall E 6th Birthday Cake

Homemade  Wall E 6th Birthday Cake

This Wall E 6th Birthday Cake was easier with two people! My husband actually ended up making the head and arms for me. The body of Wall E is basic three layer 8″ square cake; however to make it look free standing you have to remove a portion of the bottom cake and frost it … Read more

Coolest Nintendo Cake

Homemade Nintendo Cake

This Nintendo Cake was a labor of love! I started with a basic 8″ square chocolate cake. Easy part done! I then frosted the bottom half with dark gray buttercream, the top with light gray and let is sit for several hours. (I added a second layer of light gray later to get the effect … Read more

Coolest Millennium Falcon Birthday Cake

Homemade Millennium Falcon Birthday Cake

This Homemade Millennium Falcon Birthday Cake was time consuming but really pretty easy! Bake a 10 in round and a 12 in square cake using 2-boxed mixes per cake. Let cakes completely cool before you start carving (I have even had good experiences freezing before carving). Leaving the dome on the cake add desired cake … Read more

Coolest Under Sea Birthday Cake

Homemade Under Sea Birthday Cake

I made this Under Sea Birthday Cake for a dear friend whose daughter was turning 5. This was a very small cake, 2-6 inch rounds with blue butter cream. I put it on a pedestal plate because there was a Little Mermaid doll next to the cake and I wanted height. I used marshmallow fondant … Read more

Coolest Mario Bullet Bill Birthday Cake

Homemade Mario Bullet Bill Birthday Cake

Out of all the Mario characters “Bullet Bill” was the hardest because it looks so simple. The Homemade Mario Bullet Bill Birthday Cake design is: four 6” round cakes stacked for the bullet portion and three 8” rounds for the culvert portion. I pre-made the golden stars and eyes from royal icing because they need … Read more