Coolest Pink Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Pink Castle Birthday Cake

I made this Pink Castle Birthday Cake for a friend’s daughter – she was leaving the country and it was a birthday/leaving present. It took about 3.5hrs intense decorating time, plus the time to bake the cakes. Thanks to Coolest Birthday Cakes, I had a really good idea of what I wanted to do before … Read more

Coolest Red Arrows Cake

Homemade Red Arrows Cake

My son is a huge Red Arrows fan, they are the British aerobatic jet plane display team. He wanted a Red Arrows cake, so I decided to make him a cake with the Red Arrows in formation. Usually there are 9 planes in a full formation, but since he was turning 6, I made only … Read more

Coolest Racetrack Cake

Homemade Racetrack Cake

This Racetrack Cake was made for my son’s 5th birthday party. He wanted a racing theme, so I checked on this website for some ideas! As there were a lot of children for the party, a sheet cake was the biggest and easiest cake to cut for party bags. It was held off-site so it … Read more