Simple Homemade Castle Cake Idea

Homemade  Castle Cake Idea

I made this Castle Cake Idea for my daughter Jamie’s 5th birthday party. It’s a Cinderella castle cake. I used two round sponge cakes on top of each other for the base. I used empty toilet rolls joined together with tape for the sides and iced on top of them. Ice cream cones where used … Read more

Cool Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake

Homemade  Superheroes Birthday Cake

This Superheroes Birthday Cake is a basic chocolate cake recipe. Traced all the superhero emblems with rice paper and coloured in with appropriate coloured icing. Pretty basic and simple to make and a definite hit for boys. The colours all coincide with each other too.

Coolest Wizards and Dragons Cake

Homemade Wizards and Dragons Cake

Well, to find the perfect cake to make for your daughter, she was adamant she wanted a Halloween party so I thought to do a purple Wizards and Dragons Cake would keep it girly and would be a challenge. Well it turned out quite well. The cake I made from Tinkies, put several in a … Read more

Coolest Jonas Guitar Cake Design

Homemade Jonas Guitar Cake Design

I used a Wilton guitar pan to make this Jonas Guitar Cake Design. I used a basic chocolate cake recipe. Rice paper was used to trace Nick Jonas’s face on the front of the guitar. My daughter’s favourite Jonas brother is Nick, that’s why I chose this one for her. She likes purple and black … Read more

Coolest Rugby Cake

Homemade Rugby Cake

This Rugby Cake I made for my nephew Blake, he turned 10 and is a rugby fan, particular the South African Sharks team, thus I made a Sharks cake. It was just a basic sponge cake recipe. I used a rugby ball character pan single mixture. I then iced the cake white (since the Sharks … Read more

Coolest John Cena Wrestling Cake

Homemade John Cena Wrestling Cake

I made this John Cena Wrestling Cake for a little boy who loves wrestling and John Cena was relatively easy to make. Just made a basic square chocolate cake. Traced the John Cena picture onto rice paper and coloured in the picture with butter icing. The cake was a hit and I enjoyed making this … Read more