Cool Homemade Superman Birthday Cake

Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a Superman birthday cake for a friend’s 30th birthday. As it was a special day I decided to mold the Superman in fondant and then sit him onto a motorized globe! I purchased a low cost solar powered turntable but modified it for battery, only then mounted this all into … Read more

Coolest Fairy Castle Cake

Homemade Fairy Castle Cake

I made this for my daughter’s 9th Birthday – she was big into fairies! This was a large tall cake that I made in sponge. The pillars were made by stacking sponge discs onto each other over wooden BBQ skewers and ice cram cones for the towers dusted blue. I added flags to the tops … Read more

Coolest WWII Air Raid Shelter Cake

Homemade WWII Air Raid Shelter Cake

I made this homemade WWII Air Raid Shelter cake for my 97 year old granddad who has one in his back garden still! The cake was made in sponge with coconut grass and toffee strips for the ‘dig your own’ vegetable patch! The steps going down into the shelter were after eight mints and the … Read more