Coolest Princess Castle Cake Design

Homemade  Princess Castle Cake Design

I took several concepts from different pictures on this website (thank you!) and some of the recipies from my late grandmother’s kitchen. The Princess Castle Cake Design was made from a white chocolate mud cake with raspberry ganache (under fondant) and homemade fondant (also raspberry favaoured). I cut the sweetness by putting plain whipped cream … Read more

Coolest Garfield Cake Design

Homemade Garfield Cake Design

This Homemade Garfield Cake Design was taken from a Debbie Brown cookbook. The cake itself was terrible!! I used a chocolate Madeira cake with Kahlua cream filling (it was for adults). The cake was two bowl cakes shaped into two round balls. They were halved and filled with the Kahlua cream (which was beautiful). Unfortunately … Read more