Edible Rapunzel Tower Cake

Rapunzel Tower Cake

This Rapunzel tower cake was my first time working with fondant so I’m not sure why I decided to attempt such a tall and detailed cake! I knew I wanted everything to be edible because I like the idea that you could eat every part of the cake. I remember I had hardly any tools … Read more

Walk the Plank Pirate Cake!

Walk the Plank Cake

My son who was turning 4 requested a Pirate cake. I asked him what he wanted it to look like and he said he wanted a hook on top like Captain Hook and a sword. I started to brain storm asking him about certain things I was thinking about and he would yay or nay … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Birthday Cake

Homemade Hawaiian Luau Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a friend’s 40th birthday and was told she liked Hawaii and the color purple. I started by googleing anything to do with Hawaiian cakes and came up with my version of a Hawaiian Luau Birthday Cake. The bottom layer is two 12 inch stacked cakes with filling … Read more