Minecraft Birthday Cake for 10 Year Old Boy

Minecraft Birthday Cake for 10 Year Old Boy

This cake is made of 3 8 x8″ chocolate layers. Before baking the cake I worked on the figurines.  I combined fondant and gum paste together, not too much fondant, just enough to keep the gum paste from getting too hard, to quickly.  I used gels to colour the fondant.  Then I made the characters … Read more

Spring Roses Cake for an 80th Birthday Party

This cake is a 2 layer 6″ round and a 2 layer 10″ round, lemon flavored cake with marshmallow butter cream filling. Before baking cake, make the roses.  These are time consuming so allow yourself a day or two to make these. Combine fondant with gum paste, just enough to make it workable so it doesn’t harden too … Read more

It’s Raining Unicorns and Rainicorn Birthday Cake

It's Raining Unicorns and Rainicorn Birthday Cake

First I baked the cake in a parchment lined 9 x 13” pan. Let it cool. Cover with homemade chocolate butter cream icing. Then I did the lines with the icing spreader. To do the emblem, I printed a Rainicorn colouring page off the internet, traced the image on the backside.  Then I taped it … Read more

Magic Carpet With Camel Cake

When my next door neighbor asked me for a Camel cake for her daughters 12th birthday, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it.  The magic carpet part was easy, I just baked a sheet cake and crumb coated it with butter cream icing and then I used fondant for the blankets and the accent. That … Read more

Coolest Popcorn Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Popcorn Birthday Cake Idea

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she wanted a carnival theme. We made up all kinds of games and originally I was just going to make these small popcorn cupcakes, but then it evolved into this fantastic Popcorn Birthday Cake Idea of popcorn popping out of a popcorn bag. The cupcakes are miniature ones that I … Read more