Cool Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake Idea

My friend’s daughter requested a butterfly cake for her 7th birthday. I got the Butterfly Birthday Cake Idea from this website but tweaked it a little so I didn’t have to buy any pans. The wings are 4 heart shape pans made with 2 box mixes. The body is made of one cupcake for the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Signal Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake Design

I made this Homemade Batman Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 5th birthday. I liked the idea of Batman being signaled over Gotham City and created the design myself. I used a 12″x18″ pan for the base and 2 box mixes. The Bat Symbol was made with a small oval pan. I iced the base … Read more

Coolest Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Monster Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Monster Truck Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I used a 12″x18″ sheet cake and small rounds for the tires. I used 3 boxes of cake mix. I always bake the cake forms the night before the party and freeze them overnight for easier decorating. The entire cake is iced in … Read more