Coolest Baby Blocks Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Birthday Cake

I decided to make a Baby Blocks Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday after looking at some great examples on this website – thanks! I baked 2 cakes in loaf tins and once cooled cut these into ~6cm cubes (each loaf cake made 3 cubes). Having not done this before they turned out a … Read more

Coolest Ladybug Cake

Coolest Ladybug Cake

I decided to make my daughter a ladybug cake for her 3rd birthday after seeing one in a magazine. I baked the body in a pyrex glass bowl, and made a few muffin cakes to use for the head. (I made the muffin cakes in a few different sizes because I wasn’t sure what I … Read more

Cute Homemade Caterpillar Cake for my Daughter’s 1st Birthday

Coolest Caterpillar Cake

I decided to make a caterpiller cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday after seeing one in magazine. I baked a number of muffin and smaller rounded shaped cakes in 2 different pans. I used 4 of the muffin cakes and 4 of the smaller cakes in making my caterpiller. The middle body part of the … Read more

Coolest Teapot Birthday Cake

Homemade Teapot Birthday Cake

I made the Teapot Birthday Cake with packet chocolate mix and did it a few days before my daughter’s birthday so I would have more time (and less stress) in icing the cake the night before. I am glad I did this because it did take me a while! I baked the 2 halves of … Read more

Coolest Snowman Birthday Cake

Homemade Snowman Birthday Cake

I decided to make a 2D Snowman Birthday Cake. I made it over several days. I used chocolate cake mix and divided it between 2 different sized pyrex bowls. Once baked and cooled I removed the cakes and sliced off the top domes. I cut out a portion from the bigger cake so as to … Read more

Coolest Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

My son requested a “10 wheeler” for his birthday cake so I made this Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake. I baked a chocolate cake in a loaf tin and cut it to shape (see pic). I raised the cake off the board with some blocks covered in tin foil, so that only the wheels of … Read more