Cute Beehive Birthday Cake

Homemade Beehive Birthday Cake

I needed a quick birthday cake for my 2-yr-old grandson, and decided on this Beehive Birthday Cake. The cake was baked in a Wilton Wonder Mold pan (used for Barbie cakes, usually). I used a large cake-icing tip to frost the cake with yellow icing, and added chocolate details. I baked bee-shaped sugar cookie lollipops, … Read more

Cool Homemade Lego Batman Birthday Cake

Homemade Lego Batman Birthday Cake

Since superhero Lego video games are very popular right now, I needed to make a Lego Batman Birthday Cake for a friend’s son’s birthday party. I used a 9×13 cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream. I found a pic of Batman Lego online, printed it and enlarged it to correct size for the cake, and made … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

My granddaughter asked for a “really pretty girl’s cake” for her 8th birthday, so I decided to do a Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake, since she’s all into Bling! I first decided how big to make the cake. I needed an 8″x10″ lid, which I made out of pink royal icing. I cut a paper … Read more

Coolest Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design

My granddaughter requested an Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design for her party at a local ice rink. I printed an ice skate from an online coloring page, and used this as a pattern to cut out the skate, made from a 9×13 pan of brownies. The cake was a 9×13 cake, frosted with white buttercream, … Read more