Coolest Spider and Web Cupcakes

Homemade Spider and Web Cupcakes

I did these Spider and Web Cupcakes last minute for a Halloween party we were having. Super easy though a little time consuming. My original idea was to use stencils (I was looking for super quick) but that didn’t work, so this was my back up plan. Made chocolate cupcakes, did a quick icing of … Read more

Coolest Monster Truck Cake

Homemade Monster Truck Cake

For my son’s 4th birthday, he asked for a Monster Truck cake. I ended up getting the Wilton 3-D car mold and cutting to be shaped more like a truck. It was easier than I thought, as all I did was make the sides more square and flatten out the back to make it look … Read more

Coolest Tank/Military Birthday Cake

Homemade Tank/Military Birthday Cake

For my son’s 6th birthday, he asked for a Tank/Military Birthday Cake. I thought a tank cake would be perfect. I scanned through this website to get ideas as well as searched the web for pics of real military tanks. I tried to keep it simple – and though I originally wanted the entire cake … Read more