Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Spongebob Birthday Cake Design

For this Spongebob Birthday Cake Design I used a 12×15 inch sheet pan. The cake is iced with butter cream icing. I used the large Wilton icing tip to ice the cake. For the top part of legs I used a king dong cake and cut off about a 1/4 for it to sit flat. … Read more

Coolest Fairy Cake Design

Homemade  Fairy Cake Design

This Fairy Cake Design was created using a 10 inch and 6 inch round cake. I used the large Wilton straws for the supports for the 6 inch layer. I also used a longer straw to dowel the cake. To make the central dowel on the cake I cut a whole in the six inch … Read more

Coolest Police Uniform Birthday Cake

Homemade Police Uniform Birthday Cake

I created this Police Uniform Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 5th birthday. I used a 15×12 sheet pan.I made a double layer of this for the main shirt of the cake. I also used a 9×13 inch pan to create the arms of the cake. The cake is completed covered in butter cream icing. It … Read more