Coolest Makeup Bag Cake

Homemade Makeup Bag Cake

I made an assortment of makeup the day before from rolled fondant and the following day I made a round sponge cake. Then smoothed buttercrean in the middle and over the outside. I then measured the cake and rolled a long piece of fondant to fit the diameter of the cake and slightly wider than … Read more

Coolest Bingo Birthday Cake

Bingo Birthday Cake

The Bingo Birthday Cake was a fruit cake but you could use a sponge cake. I covered the cake with marzipan and then fondant. I drew a grid using a edible ink pen and a ruler and then went over it with coloured icing. Then I rolled balls of icing for the bingo balls and … Read more

Cute Homemade Bob the Builder Buttercream Birthday Cake

Homemade Bob the Builder Birthday Cake

I made two 10inch square sponge cakes and cut a template of Bob out of greaseproof paper and then cut the shape out. I then used buttercream evenly spread over the cake and then with a cocktail stick I drew Bob on top and went around the outline in black buttercream and started to fill … Read more

Coolest Footballer Cake

Homemade Footballer Cake

I made a 10 inch square cake and covered it with buttercream then I covered it with green fondant icing. I rolled a long piece of white fondant and placed it over the middle of the cake to make the scarf and added black strips to make the stripes and added the fringing as well. … Read more