Coolest Twin Princess Barbie Cakes

Twin Princess Barbie Cakes

I baked these twin princess Barbie cakes for my twin daughters’ fourth birthdays. I used the Wilton wonder mold for the skirt and also baked a nine-inch layer cake to put beneath each one (to allow for using the full-sized princess Barbie dolls). I made each cake layer a different flavors so we had a … Read more

Cool Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

I made this Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake for my twin daughters’ seventh birthdays. I used two square cake pans–10X10 and 8X8. I baked both layers a week ahead and froze them. Frozen cake is much easier to assemble, cut/trim and frost. I crumb-frosted both layers with white buttercream and assembled them. To make the two … Read more