Coolest Cars Racetrack Birthday Cake

Homemade Cars Racetrack Birthday Cake

This Cars Racetrack Birthday Cake was one of the first homemade ‘cool’ cakes I tried to make for my son’s 3rd birthday. He was OBSESSED with Cars and wanted everything Lightening McQueen at the time. I knew I wanted to do something with the racetrack, so I merged a couple of ideas and pictures I … Read more

Coolest Fairy Tree Trunk Cake

Homemade Fairy Tree Trunk Cake

My daughter wanted everything fairies for her 4th birthday- but not Tinkerbell fairy, more like the flower fairies of the Cicely Mary Barker books that she had grown to love. So I started scowering the internet looking for non-Tinkerbell fairy cake ideas, and big surprise, found some great inspiration on here! I ended up merging … Read more