Coolest Veggie Tales Pirates Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Pirates Cake

I used one 13×9 pan for Larry, and 3 round cakes for Pa Grape, Pa’s hat, and Mr. Lunt. I cut Mr. Lunt a bit smaller, and cut out Pa Grape’s hat by hand. I then frosted them with the appropriate colors, adding some frosting around the edges and green sprinkles to Larry’s body and … Read more

Coolest Fairyland Cake

Homemade Fairyland Cake

I used 2 13×9 cake pans and layered them, using plain white frosting as the base of this Fairyland Cake. The three little toadstools are cut out from 1 square 8×8 pan. I cut out each one, then frosting each one and placed each on the cake. Next, I finished frosting the fairyland. The “grass” … Read more