Coolest 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake

I made this 1st Birthday Cake from the “Hugs and Stitches” pattern from my daughter’s first birthday plates and napkins. The base is 2- 8″ rounds and the top is a 6″ round. I covered the bottom in pink fondant and then made the butterflies and flowers from fondant. Then the top I divided into … Read more

Coolest Flower Pots Birthday Cake

Homemade Flower Pots Birthday Cake

These two Flower Pots Birthday Cake was a cake gone wrong. I started with a 6″ chocolate cake and it wasn’t good for carving. So I took 3″ round cookie cutters and stacked them 2 high. Then I carved off the base a little to give them a flower pot shape. I covered them in … Read more

Coolest Polka Dot Birthday Cake 7

Homemade Poodle Polka Dot Birthday Cake

The bottom of the Polka Dot Birthday Cake is 2 8″ rounds, vanilla with vanilla pudding, and the top is a 6″ round. I inserted wooden dowels to stack the cakes on top of each other for support. The cake body is covered in white fondant, then I cut the pink and black strips to … Read more