Coolest Ladybug Birthday Cake

Homemade Ladybug Birthday Cake

I made this Ladybug Birthday Cake for a little girls second birthday. If I were to make it again I’d use a different red and double the bottom layer plus I’d add a smile. I used a 12″ round cake for the bottom layer, covered with the bigger grass tip. The little ladybugs are timbits … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

I made this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for my niece! She absolutely loved it! The 1st layer is 12″ round cake. The 2nd layer is an 8″ round cake. The 3rd layer is a 6″ round cake. The 4th is half of a 6″ round cake. The first layer has graham cracker crumbs for the sand. … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

Homemade Treasure Chest Cake

I found this Treasure Chest Cake online somewhere and decided to try it for my nephews birthday. It was by far the hardest cake I’ve ever made, and I haven’t made many. I made 2 9x 13 chocolate cakes (however I used 2 cake mixes for one of them.) I used melted chocolate and “glued” … Read more

Coolest Sports Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade Sports Ball Birthday Cake

This Sports Ball Birthday Cake was pretty easy. Time consuming but easy. I baked 2 12″ round cakes, the Wilton soccer ball pan, and mini ball pan. I layered and iced the 12″ circles. Then placed the soccer ball on top. Iced the soccer ball, and then made the basketball and the baseball. I took … Read more