Creative Homemade Tiki Cake

Homemade Tiki Cake

I created this Tiki cake for a Fathers Day Luau we had this year. The cake itself is a double layer chocolate fudge cake, made in two 9×13 pans. I trimmed the cakes to make them square, but otherwise didn’t do any shaping on this cake. The whole thing was frosted smooth with chocolate icing, … Read more

Cool Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade  Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

This Guitar Hero Birthday Cake was created for a 13yr old boy. I had to get creative as he wasn’t going to be impressed with something cutesy. He is a big fan of the video game “Guitar Hero”, so my boyfriend suggested making a cake that looks like the guitar controller. I used a spice … Read more

Cute Homemade Rearview Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Car Birthday Cake

My friend Amber sells cars and her favorite color is red so it was no surprise when she requested a red car birthday cake. I had to get creative because I couldn’t find any cakes that were a rear view, which is what I had in mind. I baked two 9×13 cakes, one white and … Read more