4 Tiered Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

This 21st Birthday Cake was made for my housemates, Pip and Hen, who were having a joint party for their 21st birthdays. I had never made a cake like this before so I had to read up on how to tier a cake properly. I also got some advice from a lady who worked in … Read more

Coolest Scuba Diver Birthday Cake

Homemade Scuba Diver Birthday Cake

This Scuba Diver Birthday Cake was made for my friend Dan’s birthday. He is really into scuba diving in his spare time so I thought this would be a good cake design for him. The cake was chocolate sponge (nice and simple to make) x4 made in rectangular trays, which I placed 2 side by … Read more