Cool Homemade Owl First Birthday Cake

My friend’s little girl has a “Friends of the Forest” theme for her nursery so her first birthday I thought would be great to translate into an owl cake.  This was her smash cake so it was intended to be mashed, played in etc.  It was about 9″ high and 6″ round. This owl was … Read more

Coolest Art Competition Cake

Homemade Art Competition Cake

My colleagues and I were at a networking event where they let us play “cake boss”. Four people per team, one half sheet cake and the tools of fondant, gumpaste, buttercream. We had 45 minutes to come up with a design, carve, decorate and create a cake that did the following: 20 teams competed. Had … Read more

Cool Homemade Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

My nephew loves his trucks so I carved from a three layer 9×13 cake this Pickup Truck Birthday Cake. A trip to the specialty candy store gave me chocolate covered Oreo’s for wheels, candy rocks, strips of gummy for lower paint trim, M&M’s for headlights, tail lights and of course one box of cocoa pebbles … Read more