Easy Homemade Batman Cake

Homemade Batman Cake

I had been looking for different ideas to make a Batman cake for my boyfriend and I really wanted to use some idea from a comic book character as he is a fan of these films etc. I had a look at the ones on here and they are either the logo or an actual … Read more

Coolest Poker Birthday Cake

Homemade Poker Birthday Cake

I made this poker birthday cake for my boyfriend’s birthday the other year – was just starting to experiment with cake decorating etc. He is an avid poker fan and plays with his mates often at out place, so I knew something like this would be grateful. I made two sponges – both chocolate and … Read more

Coolest Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Homemade Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

I made this Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake for my best friend’s fiance who had said he had always wanted a Sonic cake for a birthday, so I thought I would give it a go at making him one. I made 2 yellow sponge cakes which I then sandwiched on top of each other with … Read more