Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

Homemade Hello Kitty Cake

I made this Hello Kitty Cake for my niece on her 5th birthday. The entire cake is edible, less the wire for the balloon. The hardest part of this cake was the million’s of little 3 piece flowers to cut out and place (just a note: it helps to place the flowers if they remain … Read more

Coolest Halloween Cake

Homemade Halloween Cake

I made this Halloween Cake for my Mom and Troy (my brother in law) for their birthdays. It was Halloween time, so what a better cake to make then a “Halloween Theme” cake. This cake was fun to make. My sister made the cakes and of course rolled the fondant out for me, but after … Read more

Coolest Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake

Homemade Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake

This Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake was my first fondant cake that I made for my nephew Trevor on his 7th birthday. It was going to be a surprise to him as to what the cake would be, but we knew it had to be this Peterbilt- he “LOVES” it. The cake was a challenge … Read more