Cool Homemade Transformers Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

Optimus Prime Cake

I made this Transformers Optimus Prime cake awhile ago. I couldn’t really find any good ideas to copy from the internet (although there was one amazing freestanding Optimus Prime that did inspire me but was going to be way to hard to replicate) so I just made one up myself. Anyway this was not necessarily … Read more

Coolest Maisy Mouse Cake

Maisy Mouse Cake

Although you can buy Maisy Mouse cake transfers I made this Maisy myself by just enlarging a picture I had of Maisy and using it as a stencil on rolled out icing. This cake was very easy and only took me a couple of hours to complete. I layered the icing to give it a … Read more

Easy Homemade Ninja Turtle Cake

Ninja Turtle Cake

I made this Ninja Turtle cake for my son’s 4th birthday. He brought home a paper TMNT mask from childcare one day and I thought that would make a good stencil so I put it away for safe keeping. Anyway I am far from a professional but this cake was so easy to make, just … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Swimming Pool Cake

This swimming pool cake was taken from an old Australian Women’s Weekly Cake book. I made it for my son’s 1st birthday. It was a replica of a cake my mother-in-law once made for my husband and it had the original (cupie?) dolls that were on my husband’s cake (yes my MIL had kept them … Read more