Coolest Transformers Cake – Destroyed by Scorponok

Coolest Transformers Cake - Destroyed by Scorponok

Transformer’s are what my now 5 year old is obsessed with.  I made him a Transformer’s cake last year (it’s on here) and he wanted another one. I had no idea what to do with this one so I looked at a bunch of cakes and just went at it.  He has been wanting the … Read more

Minecraft Cupcake Cake

Minecraft Cupcake Cake

This started with my housemate getting my kids obsessed with Minecraft. We also have a collection of “keep calm” sayings in the house. So when his birthday came, the kids insisted on a Minecraft cake. I knew I had to incorporate a ‘keep calm’ saying. Cakes are too much around her with the kids; cupcakes … Read more

Cool Homemade Princess Doll Cake

Princess Doll Cake

I had to be away for my daughter’s 7th birthday last fall. I promised her when I got back and we were all settled that I would make her any birthday cake she wanted and we would have a very belated birthday celebration. My daughter wanted a fairy princess cake with a Barbie in it… … Read more