Coolest Tranquil Garden Cake

This tranquil garden cake was made for a co-worker who is an avid gardener. The cake is made of 2 sheet cakes, and covered in butter cream frosting. The walkway, pond lining and birds are fondant. The other accents are candy melts. Everything is edible! This was the “before” photo. Just before it was presented, … Read more

Deadly Dragon Cake

Deadly Dragon Cake

This was a dragon cake for a 15yr old boy.  Hand carved and covered in fondant. The eyes are M&Ms. The wings, scull, bones and blood are all made of candy melts. The scroll says: do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons……for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!  No wimpy cake here! 

Funniest Gross Birthday Cake Ever

Toilet Bowl Cake

This funniest gross birthday cake was made for my boss’ birthday. She has an unusual collection of toilet replicas (her hubby is a plumber).  The tank is the cake (strawberry) and the bowl is rice krispies. The lid and seat are made of Wilton candy melts. I poured the melts into the bottom of a cake pan for … Read more