Cool Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Car Toppers

Coolest Cars Birthday Cake

I made a 12in Cars birthday cake for my nephew! He turned 4 and I wanted to make it something he would love! I iced the cake completely red, and made a race track on top in the shape of a number 4. I drew the track out and filled in with icing then used … Read more

Pretty Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Pretty Princess Castle Cake

This pretty Princess Castle cake was really one of the first real huge cakes I did. This was for one of my daughters’. She loved the thought, as do many little girls, she was a princess. When she told me she wanted a castle, I thought I gotta do this for her! I used 3 different … Read more

Awesome Sweet 16 Birthday Flower Basket Cake

Awesome Sweet 16 Birthday Flower Basket Cake

This basket cake was for my daughter who turned 16. I saw this cake on the internet and I knew I could do it, but with a little bit of my touch. The adventure started when putting the cake together. I started stacking my cakes and well one of them crumbled. Did I mention this … Read more