Night Before Christmas Cake

I am an amateur cake decorator.  I do this as a hobby on my special occasions for my family mostly.  I have not been taught I just look and try to create. This cake is one on my favorites.  As for the cake itself there is no hard work or carving.  It is just a … Read more

Awesome Violin Cake

Awesome Violin Cake

I prepared this violin cake for my son’s 10th birthday.  That year he just started playing the violin and he was very happy with the cake. This cake is quite big in size because it is the actual size of the full size violin.  I did 2 rectangular cakes for this cake. For the violin … Read more

Coolest Man Sleeping on Sofa Cake

The man sleeping on sofa cake is made in a 20cm by 20cm square tin. When the cake is ready cut the surface to make an even surface (Remove the middle bump that forms when baking cakes). Half of the cake was used for the seat of the sofa and the rest was used for the … Read more