10+ Coolest Princess Cake Ideas

Coolest Princess Cake Ideas

This cool collection of Princess cake cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cake cake ever. You’ll find cake design ideas for Ariel, Anna and Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Sofia, Aurora and Snow White. Good luck! Awesome Ariel Cake Princess cake submitted by … Read more

15+ Cool DIY Monkey Cake Designs for the Birthday Cake Enthusiast

Coolest Monkey Cake Ideas

Here are some of the coolest monkey cake designs. Who doesn’t love monkeys? These animals are pure genius. They are known for their amusing behavior and are also known to play pranks on humans! Whether its a birthday or a baby shower, Monkey Cakes are sure to add positive energy to the party. 1. Coolest 3D … Read more

5 Dinosaur Cake Ideas of Jurassic Proportions

5 Dinosaur Cake Ideas of Jurassic Proportions

Are dinosaurs extinct? No way! We’ve spotted them among these cool dinosaur cake ideas. Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs and often request birthday party themes based on them. Don’t be intimidated if your children asks for a stegosaurus, triceratops, or t-rex cake. You can make it happen. Jurassic Park awakened these prehistoric creatures with some … Read more

5 Coolest Homemade Anti-Gravity Cakes

Anti Gravity Cakes

Defy gravity and wow your guests with one of these cool anti-gravity cakes. Playing with your food just got socially acceptable and making one of these creative edible illusions is sure to float loads of compliments your way. 1. Thai Noodle Bowl Anti-Gravity Cake Anti-Gravity cakes submitted by Shanya J. Whenever I get to make a … Read more

7 Cool Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes

Looking for the purr-fect Hello Kitty cake ideas for your upcoming party? Here’s 7 cakes we love. 1. Pretty Hello Kitty Cake Talk about providing a paws-itive start to the work day. Tracy surprised a co-worker with this oh so pretty, pretty Hello Kitty cake for her birthday. Take a look at Tracy’s Hello Kitty … Read more

12+ Original Homemade Princess Castle Cake Ideas

Princess Castle Cake Collection

This awesome collection of Princess Castle cake ideas and designs, all made by DIYers is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess Castle cakes. Good luck! Grace’s Castle Birthday Cake with Friends Princess Castle cake submitted by Cristina L. This castle birthday cake was from the heart. It’s for a little girl … Read more

4 Super-Easy Easter Cupcakes

Easy Bunny Easter Cupcakes I’m surprised I haven’t seen postings of bunny Easter cupcakes this easy, yet. For the grass, I dropped a few drops of green food coloring in whipped store-bought frosting. I added some green sugar sprinkles for effect. To make the bunnies, I used half a powdered mini-donut for each body. I … Read more

4 Easy Easter Egg Cake Ideas

Easter Egg Cakes

Fun Easter Egg Cake I started off this Easter egg cake by making two cakes. One was a sheet cake pan that requires 11 cups of cake mix (almost two boxes worth)! For the second cake I used the top of my small roasting pan so that it would look oval like an egg. This time … Read more

6 Creative Lego Cakes

Awesome Lego Cake for Kids

Welcome to Legoland where you can build your Lego cakes and eat them too. If you can imagine it, you can construction it. These edible Lego creations get our cool vote. 1. Under Construction Lego Cake by Melanie Melanie’s Lego cake is under construction and includes so many creative details. We especially love how the … Read more

22 Fire Engine Birthday Cake Designs

If you are looking to make a perfect cake to surprise a hero firefighter, or your son who dreams to become one, take a look at these cool Fire Engine Birthday Cakes. Let everyone have a slice of your beautiful heroic cake! 1. Coolest Firetruck Retirement Cake This Firetruck Retirement Cake was actually made by … Read more

6 Magical DIY Disney Princess Cakes

Coolest Beauty and the Beast Cake

Enchant your little princess with one of these homemade Disney princess cakes. Once upon a time some aspiring princesses dreamed of birthday parties immersed in their favorite fairy tales. Their fairy godmothers swept sugary dream dust through the air and magically their wishes came to life in these beautiful princess themed birthday cakes. 1. Princess … Read more

7 Cool Superheroes Cakes

Coolest Superman Cake

Mix some batter, add some imagination and Shazam!… 7 cool superheroes cakes. Save the day for someone you love by recreating one of these incredible designs. Then, serve them proudly with a SPOOOOOON! Who knows what evil lurks in the calories, but Flame On! 1. Undercover Superman Cake Great Caesar’s ghost! It’s a bird, it’s … Read more