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Aviation Alphabet Runway Clearance Airplane Cake

This airplane cake is extremely simple since it does not mess with creating an elaborate plane shaped cake. And there is the added bonus of a top plane on top!
Supplies used:

  • 2 boxes regular chocolate cake mix
  • 2 pounds white icing from the supermarket bakery
  • 4 pounds chocolate icing from the supermarket bakery
  • Wilton’s fondant, black
  • Wilton’s Candy Decorating Pens, yellow
  • 10″ cake tin

I started by making three 10″ chocolate cakes from the 2 boxes of cake mix. nce cooled, I stacked them using the white icing in between layers. I used about one pound of icing between each layer. It was a little on the thick side but since the cakes were cool, but not chilled, it was tough to spread any thinner.

Once the 3 layers were together, I covered the whole thing in chocolate icing. Again, probably thicker since I did not chill the cakes. I used probably 3 pounds of the chocolate icing – maybe a little more.

For the runway, I cut off a piece of Wilton’s black fondant and rolled it out with a regular rolling pin. I didn’t measure anything. I have never worked with fondant and really don’t even know what you are supposed to do with it. I just did my own thing; so if I can do it, anyone can, really!

Once the fondant looked thin enough (but not too thin – which I checked very technically by lifting it off of the counter to see if it would tear and it did not) and long enough, I cut what looked like the right width for my runway and cut it. I gently placed it on the cake and cut away with scissors the overhang from each end of the runway.

Using the scraps from the runway width (although I could have rolled out some more) I eyeballed the curve and started using Wilton’s Decorating Pen in yellow for the lettering. Once the lettering was done and dried, I cut it to size and laid it on top of the cake.

(I used the aviation alphabet to spell his name “SAM” and his age for the planes identification, in case you were interested in why it said “Sierra Alpha Mike Niner.”)

I used the same decorating pen for the runway details and added the plane after that had dried.

It was a heavy, thick, large and very delicious cake once it was done!

Aviation Alphabet Runway Clearance Airplane Cake