I made this cake as a surprised gift from husband to the wife. The husband asked me to make her a cake and incorporate some tiger because she was gonna be a tiger for halloween. So, I made a her an orange chiffon cake filled with cream cheese frosting.

I made  a 12″ round cake (face) and a 9″ cake (ears & nose).

It took a long time for me to make sure the nose is proportion to the face (2 layers). Covered the whole thing with fondant. I started outlining the eyes, nose, and mouth with an edible food writer.

With mixture of food coloring and a little vodka, I started brushing the face yellow, then a little orange for depth, and browns. Just keep going until you are satisfied with the shading. I colored the eyes blue and orange/red on the nose.

The vodka mixture will give the shine but will not be sticky like water.

Hope you enjoy this.