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Awesome 3D Werewolf Cake

I’m not even sure where to begin…  This 3D Werewolf cake is very time consuming, but the result is worth it!

There’s a 2 layer cake with icing, or you can use fondant if you prefer.  The werewolf is composed of cake, rice krispies treats, fondant, and a star tip to make the icing look like fur.  The head and arms are quite heavy, so dowl rods had to be used to hold them up.

We made this for a fundraising auction, and it did very well.  We raised a nice amount of money for a great cause.  The cake was so heavy, we almost needed a forklift to carry it to the auction.  Trying to get it into the auction facility required a two person carry technique.  It’s a good thing the facility had double doors.

Before the auction began, we had a bit of trouble from our giant cake.  One of the ears wanted to fall off, so repairs were made on the spot, in front of the lucky bidders of course.  Everyone gathered around to sneek a peek at the strange looking creature that was tearing into the otherwise pretty cake.  Several people wondered how we got the teeth to look so real.  Needless to say, everyone was intrigued with this massive cake.

As the auction rolled along, we patiently waited for our turn… hoping nothing else fell off before it could be sold.  You could hear voices from the crowd asking when the werewolf was being auctioned.  Finally it was our turn.  The bidding started somewhere around $50 and began to climb.  One lucky bidder was persistant and eventually left all others behind with a winning bid of $225.

So at the end of the event, we offered to help the winner in carrying his prize to the car.  He wanted to handle it himself, so away he went.  It was almost comical watching this man tote the enermous concaution toward the door.  As he neared the exit, he cried out for help.  It went something like this, “HELP, my arm is falling off!”.  A couple of us ran to help, as we thought he had hurt himself trying to carry this thing alone.  We rushed over only to find out he was talking about the werewolf’s arm, not his own.  He needed someone to catch the arm before it fell to the ground.

Later reports were that the cake made it to his home without further incident, and his family loved it.