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Awesome Cheese Burger Cake with Airbrush

I made this Cheese Burger cake for the carnival at my daughter’s school class. It was a chocolate cake in the middle and vanilla cakes for the top and the bottom with chocolate ganache, all decorations are made with sugar paste.

It was the first time I was using my airbrush, and I was like a little girl when I was playing with ! It was so cool! I had only the four primary colors so I made my brown with yellow, red and blue. It was perfect!

I brought the big cake to school and the children were amazed. I loved seeing the spark in their eyes! I put it in the classroom and they came one by one to see.  And the words that came up “I want my mother to do as you”! Can you imagine the pride of my daughter!

This is for all those times that I’ve done my job. I love it.

Cheese Burger cake and chips