Awesome CV-22 Osprey Cake

This CV-22 Osprey cake is three feet long and almost 55 pounds. It was a giant cake made for the military. It took 2 people to move it and was a 1/20th scale replica with a wood and pvc skeleton, scaling all the dimensions from the actual plane.

I used rice cereal treats  for bottom 2 inches, and 6 inches worth of the cake which was layered and tiered…. mixed 10 pounds of white and 3 pounds of black fondant to get the grey plane color.

Black and white royal icing to make the details and lettering for all the details… the wings were made out of foam board that was black that I cut down to 12 inches each. Cut and molded with owls and then covered with icing and fondant.

Raised it up a few inches off the ground with foam and use brown sugar and blue icing to make the landscape that it was flying over.

All in all over three days it took 20 hours but they loved it

CV22 Osprey

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