I’m a novice in the cake making field, never made anything so time consuming. The end result was worth it and my partner loved it so much he didn’t want to eat it.

The guitar cake, I traced the outline of one of my partners guitars, then set to work. I used about 4 cakes in total, cut out the body shape ( 2 and a half cakes) remainder used for neck. Once I had the cake looking like a guitar I set about covering it with icing and allowed it to set. The following day I covered it with fondant. I mixed food paints to try to achieve the colors required, some brushed on and some sponged on. All the parts are made of fondant and to get that real string look I used metallic embroidery thread. I also made some chocolate music notes to add to the theme.

This was a lot of fun to make even though I spent a few days on it. I’m now about to try my hand at a tractor cake!

I hope I may have helped someone with my ideas.