Awesome Harley Bike Cake for Lifetime Buddy

The story behind this cake…my step-father called me (he lives in Florida and I’m in Ohio) and told me he wanted to give a cake to his lifetime best bud. When I asked him what he wanted on it he had absolutely NO idea!!  So, I asked what they have in common, what they’ve liked to do together since childhood and the only answers he gave me was riding Harley’s and drinking Jim Beam. Guys, right?! 

Anyway’s, I used an 8″ round cake covered with butter cream.  The Harley bikes, my step-father and his best bud are all hand molded with fondant. The logo backings are fondant and the wording was done by hand in butter cream.  The butter cream grass was a last minute idea but I think it looks even better with it. This cake was an easy project and I had soooooo much fun creating what I thought might represent a “Lifetime Buddy” cake! And everyone LOVED it which made it even more awesome!!