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Awesome Homemade Death Star’s Trench Run Cake

Our 7th year son is a Star Wars fan (which is probably my fault, as I like it a lot also). He was very sad that no friends would come to his birthday due to the current situation, so we decided to make something a little bit extra special to get him in a festive mood.

My wife and I teamed up to make his birthday cake with his favourite moment of the movies: The trench run with Luke Skywalker. My wife created an delicious sponge cake colored red with strawberry jam buttercream filling. I mixed some black and white fondant icing to get the right level of gray and cut individual squares around 2 inches wide. Each one was decorated with individual details. I dissolved some extra black icing in hot water and used a brush to shadow each decoration element. Then I assembled every panel on top of a base of grey glacé icing. The ships are models from the X-Wing miniatures game, which both of us love to play.

As we cut the slices, we made sure that each was exactly one of the squares. We got a nice explosion effect due to the coloring of the sponge. Both of our sons had a blast!

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