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Awesome LEGO Angry Kitty Cake

This year my son Ronan decided on Lego Movie for his 7th Birthday Party.   The important task of settling on a character for the cake was a topic of great debate in our household.  It went something like this……

Ronan:  How about President Business….
Me:  No black icing, parents will never allow their child to come to your party again.

Ronan:  How about Metal Beard…
Me:  Are you kidding me?  Way over my skill level lol.

Ronan:  I want Unikitty….
Husband:  No way, too girlie

Me:  Ok, how about Angry Kitty?  (Folks may wonder if my child has anger issues but hey, she’s pretty straight forward and I will only take on what I feel like I can execute well so why not).

Ronan & Husband:  Great idea!

Decision made, I set out to see if anyone had ever constructed an Angry Kitty cake before.  I found one Unikitty cake online that was pretty good but to my knowledge I don’t think anyone else has ever done an Angry Kitty.

So I enlarged a picture of Angry Kitty from one of my sons many Lego Movie books and set out to shape the cat.  My baking assistant (husband, I work fulltime) made two half sheet cakes which I froze (I never attempt to frost a cake that’s not frozen) in advance.  I used the templates to cut up the pieces of cake I would need.  She’s a double layer cake,  Don’t be too impressed, its the finest box cake.  I figure why mess with perfection.

I took off work the Friday before the party and she took all day to construct.  I lost track of how many batches of frosting I made…..maybe like 8?  Yes….that’s 32 cups of powdered sugar….shhhh…don’t tell the parents.  If you have enough frosting you can hide anything and everything and kids don’t really like fondant anyway.   The accents, like the eyes are fondant but I just peel all that stuff off as I serve.  Her “horn” is a waffle ice cream code dyed red using that edible spray that looks like spray paint with fondant wrapped around it.  This is my favorite element since I completely made it up and I think it makes the cake.

She took me all day to frost/assemble but when I was done I was very happy with the outcome.   And boy, she was one big angry cat!  Note the actual Lego minifigure kittys in the picture for size comparison.  This always happens to me, I overestimate sizing and end up with these mega cakes but hey, the bigger the better right?

Angry Kitty was a huge hit with the kiddos, Ronan absolutely loved her and of course there was red frosting everywhere.  Nothing like a swim party….wet kids….red frosting….but that’s ok.  We just sent them all back to the pool following cake.

I didn’t think it was possible but I think she may be my favorite cake yet, primarily because I know she is unique and different from the typical Lego cakes!