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Awesome Minion Cake for 5 Year Old

My son had a hard time choosing which party theme to pick from. He decided on Despicable Me, so we created a cake for his 5th birthday party. I used an 11 1/2 by 15″ cake pan. I have not perfected any cake mixes on my own so we always use Duncan Hines Yellow. I also make the Wilton Butter cream frosting, but at least 4 batches. After baking the cake in the pan, letting it cool and leveling it out I placed it on a foil covered card stock.

The first mistake I made was not crumb coating it, which I usually do but for some reason this time I tried to decorate a little differently. I used a butter knife to lightly draw out the image I wanted on my sheet cake. Then I started by piping the image of the minion. I placed out several bowls to separate and color the icing. I use Wilton coloring gels.

I mixed yellow for the minion, black for the hair, hands and boots, royal blue for the overalls, a little bit of black to make gray for the goggles and a little bit of pink for the mouth. I used tip 16 to place the design of the minion on the cake switching colors after one section was completed. I then piped white butter cream on the cake and smoothed it out with a cake spatula and VERY HOT water.

I finally piped the edges of yellow and royal blue around the cake to finish it off. My son LOVED this cake when it was completed and even reassured me ” mommy, you did a great job!” Take your time when making cakes and put your creativity into it to make it special.

I enjoy making cakes for all the birthdays for my son and daughter. It’s what makes the birthday complete!


Awesome Minion Cake for 5 Year Old

Awesome Minion Cake for 5 Year Old

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