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Awesome Minion Madness Birthday Cake

I created this cake for my daughters first birthday. She was fascinated by the Minion’s in the movie ‘Despicable Me’ and was going through a banana crazy at the time (Minion’s love banana’s), so it seems appropriate. I would soon regret my decision as the cake was ridiculously challenging to make and I’m worried now that I’ve set the bar high, how I’m ever going to better this for future birthdays!

This cake is a vanilla flavoured, rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers. I only had one cake tin, so I had to bake six cakes, one at a time! It took me two days to bake and make all the parts for this cake.

Who knew it was so difficult to cover a Minion shaped cake in fondant. I think it took me about three attempts to get it right. I’m thankful this little Minion wears a beanie, or you’d see my terrible cake covering. One thing I’m learning when it comes to fondant is that with a little creativity, there is always a way to cover up imperfections.

I used an edible silver spray for the Minion’s goggle and afterwards my kitchen looked like it had had an encounter with some fairies, every surface simmered with silver. Sadly the fairies weren’t cleaning fairies and they didn’t clean up my bombsite of a kitchen.

The arms surprisingly, were one of the most difficult parts, probably because I originally swore I wouldn’t use any wires or toothpicks in the cake so that it could truly be completely edible. I soon decided that wasn’t going to be possible and two wires were inserted into the poor Minions arms so that I could manipulate them as I pleased. My stubbornness and perfectionist/purist attitude makes my life a little harder sometimes.

Ultimately I did enjoy the challenge of this cake and although my daughter will only remember this though photos, it was worth the hard work!