Awesome Pirate Birthday Cake

This awesome Pirate birthday cake is the second one I have made for this boy. The first one is no where close to being as cool as this one is!! The frosting used for this one is the whipped frosting. Then I used the airbrush to add the color. The boat on top is really meant for a fish tank (not used of course) but it made an awesome topper!!

The gold coins are from the party section at the store, but those made awesome pieces to add to the cake as well. The bottom tier is airbrushed to look like an old pirate map with the most important part.. X marks the spot!  The top tier I ruffed up the frosting to give the look of the waves in the ocean. My favorite part is the swords.  This is just a plastic one from a Halloween costume. In order to make it look like it was going through the cake I cut the sword in half, this makes it easier to put on and wont push your top tier off. The pirate patch is just drawn on with frosting.

I love the turn out of this cake, and so did the customer!!