This basket cake was for my daughter who turned 16. I saw this cake on the internet and I knew I could do it, but with a little bit of my touch. The adventure started when putting the cake together. I started stacking my cakes and well one of them crumbled. Did I mention this was like at 10:00 at night and the party was the next day. Talk about stressing!! So starting all over, I had to bake another cake. Needless to say that one turned out so much better!!

The assembling of this cake was fun. Figuring out how many Kit-Kats to use was another task. I believe I used 23 Kit-Kat bars. Very simple to assemble. My advise is to ice a section then stick the Kit-Kats. Doing this in sections around the cake makes it a whole lot easier to make them stick!

Seeing many ways this cake was made, I wanted to be a slight bit different. I added a second basket on top. I think it added an extra touch! I finished mine off with roses! My daughter loves icing roses and thought baskets full of flowers would make her happy!! After about an hour on the cake (after rebaking) it was complete! I added ribbons to match!!