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Awesome T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I made this T-Rex dinosaur birthday cake for a lucky little boy who was turning 6 years old and loves T-Rex dinosaurs!

T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Cake Instructions

  • The T-Rex portion of the cake was made about 3 days in advance using Rice Krispy treats.
  • I looked online for a reference picture of a T-Rex dinosaur head and I basically free handed it and tried to make it look exactly like the picture. The hardest part was trying to make everything look proportionate so that both sides of the dinosaur’s head looked the same. I also had to make sure it was going to fit on top of the cake I was going to place it on so I was forming the head on top of a cake board that was the same size (in my case it was a 10″ round cake).
  • Once I finished the head, I covered it with royal icing and then I rolled out some green fondant and used a cobblestone texture mat to add some texture to the fondant.
  • I covered the cake and went back using a veining tool to make the texture more visible.
  • Then I added the rest of the details.
  • For the cake base I used a 10 inch round cake which I filled and covered in buttercream.
  • I covered the sides with brown fondant that was also textured with the cobblestone texture mat and applied it to the cake.
  • I rolled out some green fondant and placed it on top to make it look like grass  (I used royal icing in green using a grass tip to cover the cake) and then I just went ahead and started decorating it.
  • Before I placed the head on top of the cake I made sure I had some support using dowels to support the head since it was heavy.

The birthday boy absolutely loved his cake! His dad told me he didn’t want anybody cutting the cake. I was glad to have made someone smile on their special day.

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