Awesome Twice The Blessings Baby Shower Cake

A friend asked for a “twins” baby cake for her shower.  Googled the web for ideas and loved the look of the baby bottoms!  Created the bottoms from the Easter Egg cake pans that I got at a flea market for a quarter and sliced each one in half and filled with fresh strawberries, bananas and pineapple with cheese cake filling.  The baby bottoms were frosted with my favorite Italian butter cream frosting.

The bottom was half  Joy’s chocolate with Oreo Cookies and Cream filling and half white cake with whipped frosting filling and entire bottom layer was covered with same whipped frosting.  The tiny feet, diapers with ruffles blankets and teddy bears were all created with fondant.  The most challenging step in making this cake was trying to form the fondant into the tiny legs, bending them just so they look natural, getting the correct size feet, getting the wrinkled and indented just so and then those toes!  I must of made 40 toes before I got the right size and placement!

Lots of compliments were given for this baby shower cake!