Awesome Yeezy Boost Sneaker and Box Cake

This is by far the most difficult cake I’ve attempted! After researching different approaches for the shoe, I decided the best option would be to do a Rice Krispie treat shoe and a cake box.

I researched what kind of proportions should be used for sculpting RKT, but found it was fairly easy just to form it to the shape of the shoe right of the bat instead of cutting. I used my own Yeezy shoes as a point of reference for style and proportion.

Once I got the shape how I wanted it I covered it with a thin layer of buttercream, just to fill in the gaps between Rice Krispies, for a smoother surface to apply the fondant. I used store bought black fondant because it’s difficult to dye fondant black.

I did the fondant in a few sections; left side, right, sole, then a small piece around the shoe opening. Pressed into the fondant to mimic stitching, used a straw to cut holes for the strings, rolled/cut fondant for strings and it all came together quite nicely.

The cake was ‘too much chocolate chocolate cake’ from either or Cake Mix Dr, can’t remember which. Baked at 325 instead of 350 to avoid doming and diy baking strips to keep the sides from overcooking.

Standard buttercream for filling and coating. 50/50 homemade and store bought fondant for covering, then painted the words/letters with black gel color. Stacked the shoe on the box for presentation. Turned out better than I could have hoped!

I am 100% a caking amateur, I’d say if you’re an artsy person who’s decent at caking, this is something you could pull off.

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