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Awsome Baby Rump Cake for a Baby Shower

I made this baby rump cake for a baby shower. I used two 10″ round cake pans and I also used the Wilton ball pan but I only used half of the ball pan. I baked two 10″ round cakes and one half ball pan cake, let them cool then I used my Wondercream icing to fill and cover the 10″  cakes and iced smooth. Then covered in fondant.

I placed the half ball cake onto a cake board then iced it and covered in fondant. I then placed the small ball cake on top of the 10″ round cake and positioned off centered to the back. I used a wooden dowel down the center of the cakes to stabilize them. I then used fondant to cover the rump with ruffles. I  used rice krispy treats to make the legs and feet, shaped them and covered them in a skin tinted fondant, placed them on the cake.

I cut out circles and dots and placed them on the cake, then I used fondant to make a blanket to lay over the rump. I used a roller with design to roll over the blanket before I layed it over the top. Then I used colored fondant to cut out letters for the welcome and name, added a fondant border and bow.

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