My little brother adores Toy Story, and this year, he was having a “Star/Space” themed party. I used a template and cut out all the pieces and assembled them on a cooled, 13″ by 9″ vanilla cake. I did a quick crumb coat and put the cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes.(TIP: This step is pretty much ESSENTIAL with this cake!

And when you are doing the crumb coat, don’t worry if there are a lot of crumbs in your frosting or if this step looks messy, because only the last coat’s appearance matters). So after I got the cake out of the freezer, I did a final coat, which can be  a little difficult, considering all the dimensions of this cake. The final coat does not have to be perfectly smooth, anyway.

After I was done frosting, I cut some purple and green Sprees in half and put them upright along the edges of the cake. I just used a knife and a cutting board, and it was pretty easy. I used some purple colored icing, and piped on a few highlights, and used some more green Sprees to decorate. I stuck in a mini Buzz action figure between the spaceship fin and front, and piped on some purple stars on the sides.

I finished this cake off with 4 yellow candles sticking out of the back of the cake, and when we lit them, it looked like the spaceship was about to take off! I used 4 because my brother was turning four, but you can put up to about 6 or 7 if you put them close together. If you are making this cake for a child over that age, you can just stick with the ideal number of 3 candles in the back and stick some more around the cake, or just stick with the 3. I used yellow candles, because that was what I had, but you could use any color you like, though I would suggest red, yellow, or orange, to get the “fire” effect.

My little brother LOVED this cake and its probably one of the best I’ve made yet.